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Online Mixing

Mixing is the process of taking each individual raw track of your song and blending it together to make one cohesive piece. This process includes adding EQ, compression, balance adjustment, reverb, delay, saturation, and a host of other processing to enhance the sound and bring it up to a professional, radio-ready quality. Every song is different and unique, and the mixing process at Avenue Sound Studios is always reflective of that.

The goal of mixing is to bring the best out of your multitrack recording. The overall aim is to sculpt your song so that all of the tracks make sense in relation to each other. This process is equal parts technical and creative/artistic. In fact, we see these two things as being inseparable. Behind every tweak and adjustment is a specific intention to serve what is best for the song and to achieve the vision you have for your music.

Mixing is $150 per song or $200 per song for Mixing + Mastering: