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5 Simple Steps For Mixing

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1. See the picture on how to set up your folders.


2. Properly export your tracks from your DAW and place them inside the ‘Song Title Stems’ folder – ALL STEMS MUST BE THE SAME LENGTH (stems in .wav format are preferred) (Do NOT send project files because you will have to go back back and resend the stems only)


3. Set up ‘Song Title Reference’ folder: include an optional mp3 reference mix and a Text Document containing song Song Title, Tempo, Name & Contact Information, Any Additional Notes For The Mixing/Mastering Process.


4. Compress/Zip the ‘Customer Name’ folder.


5. Upload Files below.


After you send your files, we will download them

and place them in a new session, check to see if they transferred properly, and then send you a Paypal invoice. Once payment has been received, we will get started working on your music.

For more information, email us at

For Mixing Only ($150/song):

For Mixing + Mastering ($200/song):